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Listening to A Minute for Kids Audio Files: A Minute for Kids audio files are .wma format files that will play on Windows Media Player, RealPlayer, Winamp, and several others. If you cannot hear the file, make sure your speakers are and turned up to a sufficient volume.

PDF Customization Instructions

Initial Setup

1. Log in to Patient Education Online ( and go to the myPEO page by clicking the link in the green navigation bar.
2. On the right side, click on the Upload logo box to add your practice logo to your account.
3. Below that, click Add/edit Your Practice Information to enter you/your practice’s contact information, and any general message you want to appear on all handouts, such as your motto or slogan.

Customize Individual Handouts

1. When you click on handout titles in the site to open the web view, click on the a new option on the gray header bar called "Customized PDF." You will see a new window with two boxes.
2. The top box is for standard comments you want to attach to that handout for every time you print it – you can enter something here and choose Save My Comments to store it for later.
3. The bottom box is for personalized comments specific to a certain patient, and will not be saved – enter information in this box when you are printing a handout at the point of care.
4. Click Open Customized Handout and a PDF of the handout will open, with a new first page containing your practice information and comments.


A. If you have a practice/institution-based subscription, all of the comments, contact information, logo, etc. will be shared among all users; just like the Bookmarks.
B. You can still print standard handouts by choosing the Download PDF option from the handout page or the PDF links from the search results and category pages.

About the Patient Education Online Search Engine

The search engine is a state-of-the-art tool designed for sophisticated collections of site-specific information. It runs in conjunction with a layer of semantic metadata that has been applied to all of the information in the website so that the content, though written by multiple authors and derived from many resources, is completely integrated and connected by these topic-based tags.

When a user searches for information on Patient Education Online, the search engine looks for matches with the metadata so that it is not relying on matching exact words when they appear in the content but, rather, on the true meaning of the concepts detailed in the content. Therefore, users can find all the relevant discussions of the topic they are looking for, even if named differently in different resources.

If a user cannot find the results he or she is looking for using the semantic search engine, he or she can perform a full-text search that allows the Boolean connectors "and" and "or" and that searches through each word in the data set. A full-text search is automatically run if there are no matches with semantic metadata.

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